Git cheat sheet

git pull from other repo git remote add upstream https://location/of/generic.git git pull upstream git delete branch both locally and remotely git branch »

C++ Cookbook notes

Making sure a header File gets included only once #ifndef MYCLASS_H #define MYCLASS_H #endif MYCLASS_H 类似的,象objective-C 里面是通过@import来确保的。 Forward class declarations 如下, »

Pro Objective-C Notes

Chapter 2: Using classes Instance Variable Instance Variable, sometimes referred to as ivars, are variables declared for a class that exist and hold their value throughout »

MySQL command line references

连接 mysql -u root -p 查看database SHOW DATABASES; 新增一个database(假设名字为blog) CREATE DATABASE blog; 接入database USE blog; 查看database 下的tables SHOW tables; 查看table下的所有item SELECT * FROM users; 退出 exit; »

Ghost 常用配置

关于Ghost 的设置看这篇文章足够。 附录一下forever开启blog的command cd /var/www/ghost NODE_ENV=production forever start index.js ## to stop it forever stop index.js 关于nginx 设置 参考 配置文件在/etc/ »