check sum

Problem Given array of sorted number, check if there are any two numbers in the array can have the sum provided source Solution 第一种解法利用到了题目中说的数组是从小到大排列的顺序,拿头尾相加作为初始状态,然后与sum比较, »

Calendar Conflicts

Problem Given lists of events and their calendar, find all conflicted events source on YouTube Php solution This is solution from original youtube post 需要说明的是原题目里把continuous conflicted »


我用的text edit是sublime,所以用的插件: SublimePrettyJson 先安装Package Control: cmd+shift+p 呼出package control, 搜索"pci", package control install 搜索 SublimePrettyJson 或者手动安装: 地址 »


Mac下快速打emoji, 就用Rocket 🚀 下载地址 非常方便,打完冒号 : 就会自动出现提示 »

Git cheat sheet

git pull from other repo git remote add upstream https://location/of/generic.git git pull upstream git delete branch both locally and remotely git branch »